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til hovedsagligt PRIVATE folk og de fleste bor i udlandet. Derfor fortsætter jeg herfra på engelsk ... they all have the same interest in Chevrolet Corvette as I have. The links are ( if possible ) ordered in year of make. This is NOT all that are available on the net, but I like these Corvette sites -That's why I made this collection. I will try to get the missing years, in time.
1960 David & Darrell´s 1960 Vette.
1961 John´s dedicated 1961 page.
Luke´s Corvette Page
1963 A 1963 Restoration projekt.
1963 John´s 1963 and up Grand Sport Homepage.
1966 A 1966 Corvette Roadster.
1967 James A. Banks Hot Red 1967 Corvette
1967 Lots of 1967 Corvettes from David
1969 The 1969 Corvette Page.
1969 Walden´s Blue 1969 Corvette Cab. - I like this one.
Alan´s red Corvette´s A Roadster and an Coupe.
1974 Pro Corvettes 1974.
1975 Dan´s 1975 Midnight Blue Corvette.
1977 A nice 1977 Data.
1977 The Keepers beatifull Deep Red 1977 Corvette.
1977 Chris´s Red 1977 & Vacuum page
1978 Dick & Sheryl's 1978 Silver Anniversary
1978 Dedicated to the 1978 Indy Pace Car Corvette.
1978 Anthony´s 1978 Corvette Homepage
1980 Butch´s Black 1980 Corvette
1981 Chip´s Hot White Lady anno 1981.
1982 Randall´s 1982 Corvette Page
1996 Joe´s 1996 GS Corvette Page.
1997 The Corvette Junkie´s 1997 Corvette
1997 Ben Heckendorf´s 1997 C5 Page - VERY nice site.
Andrew & Karl´s Cruising Corvette Homepage
Turquoise ZR1 Home Page Members Page
A very expensive Custom British Corvette
Carl´s Corvette Web BBS ??? - Try it, I meen it.
Kelly's Corvette Page.
Unofficial Corvette Timeline

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